A Post that is really not a post because I forgot to upload new photos.

Here is some mildly entertaining and interesting stuff from around the web for you to read if you are bored at home waiting for your husband and children to return from the dairy so you can cook them breakfast already(It’s 9 people, 9AM!!). Or if you are just one of those normal people who has time during a normal day to sit and read articles off the internet.

When Suits Become a Stumbling Block (this is basically the best article about modesty ever. For men. I am totally making Spencer read it because he has really been a stumbling block to a lot of women in the past, and even some gay guys, due to his natural predilection towards tailored clothing. Thankfully everything he wears lately is covered in cow shit and smells of calf poop and spilled milk–problem solved).


American Girls Dolls are REALLY sucky now. No joke, as a little girl I think I had one. Maybe. It had red hair and I named it Francine because I couldn’t remember this other name I really liked that sounded similar (Maxine), and it may have just been a knockoff. Anyhow, my little sister was really into them and had all the books and I think even an actual American Girls doll, and I can vouch for the fact that although at that point I had already decided they were corny (by the age of 11, I was already reading disturbing college appropriate literature like Modoc and Horse Stories  and War and Peace), they had some integrity and literary value, at least for un-jaded little girls. Gone now!


I found another raw dairy in CA! the Schoch Family Farmstead, which raises only Holsteins and is experimenting with pastured production.


I thought about posting the articles talking about how GM scientists are getting a new generation of GM crops ready to market, ones that are made to withstand much more herbicide because the first generation so encouraged the overuse of herbicide that it made “superweeds”. GM scientist solution: use even more herbicide!!! They are gluttons for punishment. I knew a family once who had worked for DuPont, and they all had stomach and skin issues (Crohn’s, etc.), but when I stupidly discussed how glyphosate has been found to cause bowel health breakdowns that are tied to all sorts of things like Autism, the wife looked at me like I was an idiot and said she thought that it was caused by people not drinking raw milk. No joke. Later I found out she hadn’t wanted to quit DuPont and realized I had been talking to the wrong person about GM crops… oops.


My favorite cow at the dairy finally calved. Her name is 1973, and she is dark red with a few white spots on her udder and belly. I was really curious to see what her calf would come out like, and boy is it a looker. White markings all over, even more than our calf Cloud, in all sorts of interesting patterns. Unfortunately it’s a bull calf, so I am not going to buy it (yet). Fortunately, the owner thinks it is so beautiful and spectacular (which it is) that he is going to keep it so that we can breed our heifer to it when they are both older. Maybe we can make a landrace of desert-hardy, white marked red Jerseys. . .



2 thoughts on “A Post that is really not a post because I forgot to upload new photos.

  1. To bad about the American Girl dolls. I bet the problem really stems from the fact that the average person can’t afford to buy one for their daughter but they can afford to buy a knockoff and the knockoffs aren’t history related which may make it seem like the problem is the item marketed when in fact it is the cost of the item marketed. As far as the suit article, pretty funny, but I do think that yoga pants are far from modest and a whole different beast than the suit problem. (I do realize it was a joke.)

    • Spencer didn’t realize it was a joke 🙂 he was pretty annoyed until I explained it. And yeah, some yoga pants are pretty scandalous–I think it really depends on how you wear them though. They are pretty much the most comfortable thing ever when you are prego.

      True, american girl dolls are very expensive, and the knock offs aren’t history related. Hmm.

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