Panoche Sunset, Disbud your Buddy Early, and Mercey Hot Springs

Our view of the dairy at dusk.
DSCN2794 DSCN2778 DSCN2805
Spencer had to do his own version of calf roping and tying to disbud Cloud, which was pretty exciting. Looks like he did a good job though, and no one was severely injured. Spencer did get kicked in the calf. That led to lots of dumb jokes about getting kicked in the calf by the calf. Cloud got up afterwards and looked at us like, “sheesh, that’s not what I was expecting,” and then drank her dinner gallon of milk with extra gusto. Hitting the bottle pretty hard is understandable after getting your horn buds seared with a hot iron. I felt like drinking something too to calm my nerves. I would advise disbudding before your calf is closing in on 200 pounds, folks. Just some advice.

The desert heat is miserable. Happily, we have had some humidity, cloud cover and cool breezes from the south the past couple days. Makes summer a little more human friendly. Us girls are off to the dairy for the morning, but later today the whole family will be checking out Mercey Hot Springs after being invited by the owners for a dinner BBQ. I am excited. People, food and water–that doesn’t happen as often as it should around these parts!


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