Things that made me happy today

I have not been very happy lately. But I enjoy looking at the colors in my little wildflower patch out front. They are so cheerful and unkempt.


I peeked at the FB page of the farm we interned on last year, and saw that their cover photo was of the store front on the farm, including the sign I painted and the planter boxes Spencer made, still in use. That was sort of satisfying. Didn’t quite make me happy, but it came close. This is how looked last year, minus the sign:

And this afternoon I babysat two little piglets for my neighbor. They need to be bottle fed every couple hours and kept warm. They had snuck out of the farrowing paddock and all the way across the other pastures and were in need of some extra TLC when our neighbor found them in with some of the bigger pigs. It was fun having them here (so far we have had baby chickens, baby goats, and now baby pigs stay in our mudroom), but even more fun giving them back to our neighbor when she got back from her errands, knowing that I would not have to wake up repeatedly in the wee hours of the morning to feed these tiny creatures.


Instead I will wake up in the wee hours of the early morning to feed this (not so tiny) creature:


And that makes me happy too.


6 thoughts on “Things that made me happy today

    • Thank you, I love you guys too. I got your card in the mail, and your phone message, I just haven’t had time to call back. I think we will try to call in the morning tomorrow.

  1. I love the pictures. Mom and dad, when we lived on the farm, used to put the little pigs who were runts by the stove in our house. I remember naming one rosy, but she didn’t make it sorry to say. Maxine is beautiful as they all are. And so are your flowers. Sometime when you have the time set down and read C.S. Lewis’ description of the woman who is a mother to all, in the Great Divorce. His image of her reminds me of you.

  2. Being a mom of young children affords more time for being busy than happy. It will get better, my friend. The piglets look so sweet, Maxine has grown so much and clearly has that sweet look of the youngest child. 🙂 Your wild flowers are refreshing. Your comment about them being unkempt made me chuckle. Anything that is ‘wild’ should have a slight unkempt-ness about it. Your flowers look magnificent!

    Have your watermelons sprouted yet? I do hope they grow well, as you have heard. Water melon is such a wonderful treat and when dried, it is as candy.

    I expect your day doesn’t allow for creative expression. Are you able to draw, mold, create or spin? I tend to misplace my happy feelings when I have been away too long from creativity. This is a season in your life. I dream one day you will have a farm that has a shop aside it where you will sell your wares.

    • The watermelons are up and looking good! I will have to try that dried watermelon thing–sounds good. And we have the perfect climate for drying things 😉

      I haven’t had much time to do anything creative except for school with the girls and these blog posts. I will be much happier when I get to work on art again. But I am enjoying Maxine while she is a baby. Don’t know if we will have more so I figure I better relish the time I have before she is a “kid” and not a baby anymore.

      We would love a farm shop one day! Who knows. . .

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