Chapter Something-Rather: In which I kill Another Snake, and Life Continues in this Strange Place

Another rattlesnake shacked up in our yard. Actually, under the girls’ tree swing, to be specific. I killed it with the shovel and it really was awful to do–I was chopping at it and it was striking at me, and there was blood and it even bit itself, which for some reason was the most horrifying thing ever. EVER!! I am still traumatized. I tried getting it to leave first, but that just made it mad. Dumb idea.

Next time, since death by shovel is not my favorite way to kill anything, I am going to use this little handgun that my grandfather gave me a couple weeks ago, with some shot shells in it. I didn’t know that you could buy shot shells for small guns, but hell, I know next to nothing about guns anyway. In general I am not a fan of them. Just so happens the gun came with shot shells, and shot shells are good for close range snake dispatching. Or so I am told.

DSCN1887 DSCN1895
We had a storm sometime ago, with cool looking clouds and some rain. Not enough though to do much besides smell good. This is what it looked like when we first got here in the fall:
and this is what it looks like now:
there was maybe a month of green. But we carry on.

My next door neighbor is Mexican, and while admiring our littlest one she told me that when her daughter was that age (6 months-ish), she had to work 13 hours a day in the field all year, and leave her baby with a woman who watched her. I think that would make me literally insane. I don’t know how women in those kind of situations make it. But she did, and her daughter is very sweet now, and fluently bilingual. When I feel like going totally nuts out here because I don’t get “mommy breaks” or “me time”, “date nights”, or “girls nights out”–heck, I don’t even go to church any more– I remember all the crazy things my neighbors have gone through to get to America, and to stay in America, and to make a living here. Then I feel like a real wuss and duly suck it up and get on with things.

If some chick can spend a year working in vegetable fields 13 hours a day away from her baby, and some guy can swim a river, hide under a bridge for three days, climb onto a train and hide in a new car being transported on said train in order to get here, I, with all my privilege, who chose to be here with other options available to me, can make it.

We get nice rainbows here when there is rain.


The animals are doing well and growing. The girls are working on learning to read and basic math and “farm science”. Which is actually pretty interesting. Today Mol asked about genes. Try explaining genes to a 5 year old. I did. It took some creativity.


Have a great, rattlesnake free day in whatever happy place that you happen to live!



3 thoughts on “Chapter Something-Rather: In which I kill Another Snake, and Life Continues in this Strange Place

  1. Melissa your snakes scare me. I worry about you and the girls. I guess I well just have to keep praying. I have been looking for a good rainbow picture. Could I use that one. I will explain when I see you again.

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