The Hawk and the Cat. Isn’t that a pub?

Everyone is under the weather in our house today, so lets check out some wildlife to take our minds off the plague. . .

This is our friendly neighborhood hawk. I think she is a red tail. In a place like this childhood dreams of becoming a falconer and hunting rabbit and squirrel with a hawk are that much more tempting. There are acres of squirrel and rabbit infested range with very few power lines or cars to worry about, and you can see for miles. Both Spence and I read My Side of The Mountain as kids and have ever since harbored thoughts of eventually apprenticing and becoming falconers one day. I think if we lived here long enough to see our kids looking like adults that we might try it.


This is a print about a half mile from our house near the gully that crosses through the valley. It’s not from a dog. And I don’t think that it could be a house cat. . .any ideas? We think it’s a bit too big for a bobcat. There is a pond nearby and the prints were headed in that direction, so we think whatever it was was headed for a drink. The prints were about three feet apart.


5 thoughts on “The Hawk and the Cat. Isn’t that a pub?

  1. Hi Melissa, sorry to hear that you guys are sick. We’ve had the plague go through our house too (Ethan is the latest victim). I am pretty sure that track is a cougar track so watch your girls like a hawk. Dad 🙂

  2. Looks like the spitting image of a cougar print in the Wikipedia article on them.
    Another book says that full grown, the prints 4-5 inches long and as many wide.

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