Merry Christmas from Panoche


Our tree is up and lighted, the air is generally crisp, carols are playing, and I am trying to enjoy the season. Here is a view of our house from about a half mile away (this is very close to the 4×4 1/2″ puma tracks we found last week). My mom took this about a month ago, but it looks about the same now, just colder. Hopefully I will be feeling better again soon and will post more. Darn chi-chis! Yo tengo mastitis hoy y todo el tiempo. Ugh!


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Panoche

  1. No mas limpies las casa! Descansas solamente. 🙂
    We’re looking forward to seeing you, get some rest so you’re up to driving on Tuesday morning.

  2. This pic is beautiful. It seems to strange to my Michigan eyes to see so much land without tall vegetation. The lack of vegetation creates a great view of the sky and this one is breathtaking!!

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