Update on Life in California

So, it was pretty hard to go from this:
to this:
We miss the green, and the lush pastures, and the prospect of a colorful Autumn and white Winter– the hardwoods. And we especially miss some of the neighbors and friends we had in Maryland and Pennsylvania. But the fresh, delicious produce makes up for it somewhat, and the friends and family. And having home birth midwives. And learning opportunities all over the place.

We enjoyed going to the Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa (cheaper than the State Fair–but the food prices made up for it!)003
I think the girls are making their, “aw dad, do we really have to get our picture taken in front of a mountain of winter squash?” faces here. Understandable. I hate cheesy pictures too, but hey–it was a mountain of squash, not Mickey Mouse. Could have been worse, girls! The watermelon tasting was fun, and we came away with some seeds and ideas.

We also got to attend a grape and fig tasting in Winters, CA. Took home some samples and cataloged our favorites:
I am not sure if I will order cuttings this year or wait a little longer until we are really, truly, finally settled down somewhere. Damn gypsihood makes growing fruit trees near impossible.

And in other news, we are leaving the Sacramento area this week to head down to a raw milk dairy in the desert, where Spencer will be taking on the job of milker and we will begin learning more about something we are extremely interested in. We’ve met the owners, and we’ve met the cows, and they look like a healthy and happy lot, sound of body and mind. When the rain comes, it is in fact green and grassy there in its own way, and we can attest to a sky full of stars at night. Now to see if we can grow into the work, and the climate! Another adjustment.

P.S. Baby is due in a little over a month.
If you happen to get the urge to buy baby things online, check out our baby registry–especially the cloth diapering supplies (they are unfortunately at the bottom of the list. We couldn’t figure out how to put them at the top where we really want them to be). Driving an hour to the store for diapers seems pretty miserable, so there must be some providence in our early choice to go with cloth diapers this time. Frankly, the climate should be pitch perfect for drying lines of cloth diapers and wash clothes quickly and efficiently in the sun 🙂


2 thoughts on “Update on Life in California

  1. Have you changed your address for the baby registry? If I order something will you still receive it? Are cloth diapers still needed? Please advise….and keep posting. Sure do miss you guys.

    • We did change the address and if you order it will come out here and not to MD! Cloth diaper supplies are definitely still needed–a friend who does cloth diapers gave us a list of her go-to items and so we put those one our registry 🙂

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