Bi-Coastal Disorder

So we are headed back to CA this week. Not quite what we were expecting–at least not so soon–but the idea of seeing all our family and friends is wonderful. How did it work out that we are headed back West two months before we expected to be? Longish story.  Farmer Mark sends us with his best wishes and a good report card, and that’s what counts 🙂

Catawba, VA was very beautiful, and the pasture on the farm we looked at there was tall (it had been too wet for their neighbor to mow it for hay yet), and very enticing. Unfortunately the home and barns needed a lot of work and money put into them, and we just don’t have the money to make them useable. The owners didn’t have much either, although they were very gracious and grateful that we had driven so far to check it out. Roanoke, VA, the nearest city, was a sweet little place with an awesome “private” park made welcoming for trespassing parents and children. I think it was really just someone’s empty corner-lot yard that they had fenced and manicured into a park, and made available for the neighborhood. Why do more people not do things like this?


Ok, I am too tired and busy to upload pics from VA, but soon I may be posting more pics of the countryside on our way back across. Or not. I may be too exhausted.

We will be looking for property to farm on when we return. Wish us luck and safe travels!

P.S. Also, wish me luck helping pack the trailer. Spencer was just going through some of our things in storage and found a spider that was 4 inches across and whose eyes glowed in the light of the flashlight. . .a friend to speed the packing?


2 thoughts on “Bi-Coastal Disorder

  1. Now I’m going to have nightmares about Spiders, at least when I wake up I’ll remember you’re all coming back to us and feel better. We’re praying for you and a place for you to farm. Be safe and let Spencer deal with the spiders, ugh. shudder, shiver, etc. etc.
    Emma says you should bring a spider back for Frankie. shudder.

    I love you!

    • We probably will inadvertently. . .actually I have 13 mosquito bites on one calf, so I am rooting for more spiders. And bats. And frogs. If it eats mosquitoes, it’s my friend!
      Ok, it’s my friend if it eats mosquitoes and doesn’t crawl on me at night.

      Back to packing. Ugh!

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