Calf Day

#16 had her calf about an hour ago. They were looking well, although she has the ugliest, most poorly shaped udder ever, and we are a little worried the calf will have trouble nursing. Also had to fence out a rowdy heifer who came within inches of stepping on the newborn calf while trying to jump on the mom. Damn heifer. She’s in heat. New rule. On our farm, only bred, pregnant cows and cows with a good track record around calves will be present around due dates.

Figures anyway–she is the farmer’s sister’s heifer, and they lost a calf earlier this year because someone stepped on it. Ha, wonder who. All of her cows have rowdy, bossy temperaments and are a pain in the butt though, so really it could have been any of them. We are still trying to figure out if that is a genetics thing or a conditioned thing. Either way, if they were mine, I would sell them and get some cows with manners, like the farmer’s here. They are not rowdy and seem to be very careful with the calves, and don’t bust through the fence at any chance. Maybe it’s a Devon vs. Black Angus thing (most of the cows here have Devon genetics, and the farmer’s sister’s cows are Black Angus). Who knows.

Ok, on to the next crisis–how to get baby nursing off those gnarly teats. Oh boy. Prayers appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Calf Day

  1. I will be praying for your cows and calves. And although I haven’t commented recently, I have so enjoyed your posts. It sounds not only like you are becoming good and knowledgeable farmers you might make good pastors too: )

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