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Rain makes my Garden Grow and It Smells Like the Redwoods in Maryland

That pretty much sums it up. My garden is taking off finally and I am wishing there were more plants in it. It has been raining almost every day now for a long time, some days quite a downpour. The air is heavy and we all feel sticky 24/7, but the loveliest of things is the smell after the rain. It smells green and foresty, almost exactly the way the redwoods up by Prairie Creek and Gold Bluffs Beach smell, back in Cali. The woods are greener than green–full of ferns and leaves and skunk cabbage down in the wet places. I could never paint it. Green is overwhelming and almost impossible to capture in a painting. Even the fireflies here are green. Little green embers that fill the fields and woods at night. Everything that we try to capture about it eludes us on our camera, but here are some recent attempts.

003 003 005 006 008
These yellow French beans were delicious. I need to pick more in the morning, they are going wild. The plant is very lovely, with purple blossoms, yellow beans and thick green foliage, and I hope to save some seeds to plant this variety again. I used a lot of short rows in my garden, planning to minimize cultivation by shading out weeds, so it looks like a jungle. And there are weeds anyway. . .
Check out this Eastern Box Turtle that Spencer and the girls found today (he has a special hinged portion of his underbelly that allows him to totally seal himself up in his shell, unlike most other turtles). This was super special because these turtles are quite rare now. Yesterday they found a tiny baby snapping turtle. A few days before that they found another baby turtle with a red belly–still not sure what kind it was. The turtles must like it here.002



And a picture of Golds. The rabbit we unwillingly adopted this week (long story). As far as rabbits go, he is awesome. So much for no more pets. Dangit. Molly picked the name. It’s short for Golden Flower Somethingrather, but we said it should probably just be Golds, since it’s a boy. He is super friendly and so litter box trained that if I don’t put it in the cage with him while he is outside, he will hold it all day until I remember to put it in there. Oops. Good bunny.
And lastly, some amazing looking bugs to think about while you fall asleep tonight. That is what I am about to do. Except I will probably be thinking about where we will be living after the next 3 months are over. Still looking and praying for opportunities and not sure where we will end up. Hoping to be settled in somewhere before Baby Whatsit arrives. . .


These bugs are eating the weeds in my garden–go bugs, go!!


4 thoughts on “Rain makes my Garden Grow and It Smells Like the Redwoods in Maryland

  1. That last bug is a Japanese Beetle. In the morning is the best time to deal with them. Get a bowl of dish soapy water and flick them into it and that will take care of them.

  2. Funny you should mention bugs before you sleep. A spider crawled across my face before I went to bed last night. We’re not sure where it disappeared to. Enjoy the rain and garden. 🙂

    I love you

  3. somehow part of that comment was lost, let me try again.
    Wonderful green discussion. It’s supposed to get to 110 and a bit muggy here, but no rain. Ethan has rain and highs in the 50s. Lucky guy. Give everyone hugs for me.

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