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Summer Comes in Rural Maryland




070Summer is here! In a nice way though. It was a warm breezy day–perfectly hospitable weather for the longest day of the year.

I took a moment the other day to photograph some of the animals around the farm. One of the peahens hid away and for a while and hatched some eggs. We were very surprised one morning to spot her up by the shed with three little pea-chicks. And then there is the little heifer calf that was born about 10 days ago. She is a spunky and lively. We lost a huge, Devon red bull calf on Tuesday to a long labor. He was overdue, and had grown too large for his heifer mother to successfully push out. When we pulled him it was too late. It happens. Seeing the little black calf happily leaping around in the grass (which is so tall that you cannot see her standing in it in the thicker places), gives us hope for the next deliveries, due in July.


And of course I photographed the girls too, who are enjoying the weather, the sunshine, and the animals (especially the long-suffering cat. . .). One of their favorite places to play in inclement weather is on the round bales (with supervision). It’s also a good place to check out the barn swallow nest.

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The time has come for sleep! We’ve been busier than all get out for the past two weeks, and I will have to wait another day to post more pics and tell more stories. The fireflies are blinking their usual crazy light show, which means it’s much too late for me to be up. Tomorrow: more hay to cut and livestock to move and garden to look after. . .
Nos Da!


6 thoughts on “Summer Comes in Rural Maryland

  1. Your post arrives in my email box and suddenly everything feel right in the world.Thank you for the pics and inspiration. My favorite is the wide open looking spaces that long suffering cat and the girls romp around in. The lush greenness echos early summer. I hope you are feeling well by now, Melissa. How handsome your farmer husband looks snuggled in the bales of hay. πŸ™‚
    I felt sad when I read Spencer’s Facebook post about the passing of the Devon red bull calf. Farm life is real life, not the TV life most of us try to maintain. Thank you once again for your transparency.

  2. I love the pictures. Adele and Molly are really going to miss that place when you are done. I particularly like them running or skipping (whatever) up the road. So pretty. We finished our taxes today and met with our CPA- I’m so glad that is over.

  3. By the way, I got enough plums off of the tree to make five pints of jam. And I ate some, and I think Liz and the girls did too. But no cherries, well just a handful.

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