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An Article from My Bro in Egegik

Read Me Please!

Check out this awesome article my brother read while working in Alaska and recommended via FB. Ugh, FB. I hate it so much I don’t even feel like typing the full word, facebook. But it’s useful for keeping track of Californians in Alaska while living in Maryland. . .

100_2073 In other news, the cow in the foreground here, Number 12, had her calf yesterday afternoon (in the middle of a rain storm, of course). It’s a little black heifer–yay for girls! This means she will grow up to be another mommy cow and not a steak. And it means our farmers get to increase their herd size, so they are very happy. We knew she was due that day, and the farmer noted that the reason it seems like livestock always pick stormy days to calf/foal/lamb etc. is because the change of air pressure affects them and makes them go into labor. Good reason not to fly in my last months of pregnancy 😉

Hopefully I will get some photos of the newby soon.


3 thoughts on “An Article from My Bro in Egegik

  1. Thanks for posting that. Being far from you and Ethan and not on facebook is difficult at times. That was an excellent article and gave me lots to think about. (like I need more to think about!) As for the calf, sounds like a James Herriot moment. I can’t say I’m not just a little jealous, I look forward to the pictures. 🙂

    • Haha, the REAL James Herriot moment was when I tried to get close enough to the calf to make sure the umbilical cord area was clean, and the momma cow saw me from across the field and started galloping over. You should have seen how quickly I got to the other side of the fence!

  2. Great, great article. What is the church thinking?!

    Did you know James Herriot wasn’t really a vet, that he made it all up? I still love the stories but it takes a bit from it all.

    Did Spencer get a video of the pregnant woman running away from the momma cow? So funny. Glad you are safe and sound.

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