Scarecrows Don’t Scare Dogs. . .

Mol and Chub picked the clothes for these guys and Spencer stuffed them and put them up on a skid so that we can move them around to new spots easily. So far they have been great for keeping away hawks during the day, but they didn’t stop a wandering dog from hopping the fence and killing some broilers last night. Ugh. A loose and un-farm-savvy dog seems like the worst of predators, killing whatever moves for the fun of it, rather than out of hunger. Actually, a loose dog without its owners around to watch it is a menace anywhere–mostly to itself, by way of running in front of a car or getting in a fight with another loose dog. Personal pet peeve. Ok, I’m done.

The scarecrows have names–Grandpa Derek, Auntie Emma, and Auntie Katie. . .you know who you are! Well, kind of. I’m not sure which aunt is which. Mol named them, so I guess I should ask her.

3 thoughts on “Scarecrows Don’t Scare Dogs. . .

  1. Yes, I will never forget the two cute little dogs that killed our dozen chickens and maimed a goose so bad we had to put it out of its misery. That was such a sad morning when I found them.

  2. We loss chicks one night, once. We were never able to determine what did it. Everything still seemed buttoned up in the morning, but the blood bath was disheartening. I’m sorry that happened.

    Surely Scare Crows don’t scare dogs otherwise they’d be called Scare Dogs. The ones that scare cats are called scaredy cats.

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