Apple Cider Vinegar in April

I haven’t been up to blogging for several days. I’m not sure what happened to my digestive tract but it has been terribly unhappy with its job. I think all my intestinal bacteria are on strike or something. This topped off some killer morning sickness (i.e. Continuous Day and Night Sickness) to create the perfect storm of pregnancy misery and I have been lying in bed for a few days too tired to even read a book, let alone do much typing or thinking.


But this afternoon, lying in a state of exhausted, nauseous ennui, I remembered reading somewhere that apple cider vinegar and honey in water can cure what ails you. In fact, the farmers here put apple cider vinegar in the chicks water when they first arrive, and when we had chickens we would put a little in when they looked stressed out. Good cider vinegar is apparently full of potassium and trace minerals, which work to replenish lost electrolytes under times of stress or sickness. Supposedly the acidity of the vinegar also helps balance out the body’s alkalinity, thinning out the blood and improving all sorts of things–from blood pressure to bowel health. Raw honey is very easy for the body to digest, also has a lot of trace minerals in it, and is a natural sedative, as well as being full of beneficial enzymes. Farmers we know in Wisconsin use a combo of the two as a pick me up for any unwell sheep, and they say it works wonders. Sooo. . .

I have been sipping water with a couple teaspoons of raw honey and apple cider vinegar the rest of the day, and tonight I can happily say that my stomach does not ache anymore, and I haven’t thrown up. I am hoping that I will feel well enough to go to church in the morning, but we’ll see.

Since I have not been writing very happy things lately, here are some happy animals to look at:

Here are the laying hens, happily trimming, de-bugging and fertilizing the lawn. They lay their eggs and roost in this portable coop, which is moved with them once a week to fresh grass. The rooster is quite handsome but camera shy.

And these are some of the cows, happily mowing the grass around our trailer and basking in the warm sun here on top of the hill. That little fenced in corner is our experimental composted wood chip garden. I hope it grows! By the way, waking up from a nap to the sound of huge ruminants grazing contentedly outside your window is a very pleasant experience. They would take several mouthfuls and every once in a while sigh a deep, satisfied sort of sigh.
And here are some happy trees and happy clouds, and a maybe not-so-happy but otherwise charming rock wall. Plus, some happy grass. And some Evil Multiflora Rose of Death.


8 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar in April

  1. That is quite a lot of things to think about and look at. I never thought of trying vinegar for what ails me but I may just do that. I do use honey like that. Do you have to worry about stepping in cow patties close to your trailer? And do you have anything planted in your garden yet? I love the chicken picture, the eggs must be wonderful.

    • The cows avoided walking on the cement path from our door, so we haven’t had to worry about patties–and we all wear dirty shoes anyway 😉
      I do have some things planted in the garden, but not as much as I had hoped. And yes, the eggs are wonderful. As soon as they moved out onto the grass (they live in the barn during the winter) their eggs got darker and richer.

  2. Must be why some of us here woke up praying for you. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better, we’ll keep praying. Maybe I should try that for stress. 🙂 Miss you and Love you a
    nd I’m a little bit jealous at the thought of all those chickens and cows you’re surrounded by!

  3. Oh, I do hope your digestive track gets back on track. I’ve heard many good things about apple cider vinegar too. They can stop those pesky night-time cramps when a teaspoon/tablespoon is added to a cup of water and consumed. It normally stops them within seconds. I’ve also been told it helps those with back knees, too. Please try to consume more protein. Even egg whites.

    Thank you for the happy pics. They are delightful. Please only write what your heart feels, happy or not. Praying you get feeling back to yourself soon.

    • Thanks Debbie, I am feeling better today. It seems like the apple cider vinegar drink is really helping. And I do eat eggs every morning for breakfast–some days I even enjoy them 🙂 Today I enjoyed them so much that I had more for lunch. . .

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