Farm Pics: Short and Sweet

This is going to be short. . .because I am TIRED. Haven’t done much besides taking care of the girls, but since the rabbits and cows aren’t the only things knocked up around here, I have a legit excuse.

Here is one day:


(The girls are very serious about their job of helping keep an eye on the 600 broiler chicks). It was sunny and very chilly. We all had continually runny noses and cold toes.

The next day:002


We got a dump of snow the likes of which I had not experienced before. It was snowball snow. Bizarrely, you could pack a little snow ball with your hands and then roll it around on the snow, and it would pick up layers of snow so rapidly that in minutes you could be pushing around a ball the size of a small boulder and rolling up whole swathes of snow as if it were a sheet of that puffy white filling for pillows. At first it coated everything in white, but by the end of the day it was a mushy muddy slop, and everything was dripping. Today it’s muddy but much warmer, and the sun came out and dried a lot up. You could find little remnants of snow in shady spots around noon but I think it’s all gone now.

Ok, bedtime. More soon!

p.s. That last pic is us ladies out for a walk to the chicken house to check on the broilers. The cat likes to walk down with us, but she isn’t allowed in and so she usually walks back alone.


11 thoughts on “Farm Pics: Short and Sweet

  1. Congratlations. You are going to be a very busy lady. Would like to hear from you about the house they give you. Do u like it and how do they furnish the meals. Thank you. Grandme Berg. Tell the girls Hi from me

  2. What?!!! Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you guys!!! I’ve been out of town and am just reading this post! Sigh…. 🙂

  3. The pictures are inspiring. Don’t be afraid to make SNOW ICE CREAM. It’s yummy and always make it with clean fresh snow. Recipe:
    “1 gallon of snow, 1 tea spoon vanilla, I cup of sugar and 1 cup of milk. Mix it all together and eat. You can add cream instead of milk or use sweetened condensed milk and leave out the sugar and milk.”

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