Pennsylvania and Over the Alleghany Mountains

So, as I was saying, Pennsylvania is very beautiful. First it was snowy and wooded and hilly:

Then as we got further into the state we came to the Alleghany Mountains, which are long ridges unlike any other mountains we’ve seen; blue, low and full of old places with old names like Fannettsburg, Tuscarora, and all sorts of Gaps. This Gap and That Gap. But the Gaps and the quaint charm lulled us into thinking it would be nice to take a short cut through them to Gettysburg. Oops. It was definitely a short cut, but that was because we basically went straight up one of the mountains and straight back down the other side. 20 MPH speed limit for trucks and a 9% grade. . . Note the quaint charm in the first photo, and the SCARY road in the second. Yay for trailer brakes.061


We spent the night in Gettysburg at the (not so ghetto) President’s Motel 6 there. It was pretty classy for a Motel 6 and they Do Not have a pet fee. I would recommend it if you are visiting Gettysburg and can’t afford one of the historical inns or a pretty bed and breakfast. Gettysburg is a place I would love to spend a few days exploring; it’s tragic, gross, very pretty and kind of romantic in a morbid way, and is of course Mecca for Civil War buffs. The whole area is full of stone homes and handsome old barns that soldiers must have been dragging themselves to after getting their leg blown off etc., and farm fields certainly full of old bones and shot.

Ok. . .we are now in Maryland on the farm. And it’s past my bedtime. More soon!


3 thoughts on “Pennsylvania and Over the Alleghany Mountains

  1. I’ve never been to the Alleghany Mountains. They seem to be filled with hardwood tree and not the norm evergreen trees. I am surprised to see all the trees appear to be tall and lean. I wonder if there was a fire that took out all the old oaks, or perhaps only lean trees grow in this neck of the woods. Those are some steep grades for certain! Glad you made it safe to the Maryland farm. Rest well for there is a lot to do and learn.

  2. I just want to say that I love that my profile on your blog, is an assigned quilt block!! It seems so appropriate.

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