Ohio, Wheeling West Virginia, and Pretty Pretty Pennsylvania

See what I meant last night about the nice view? The cat loved it πŸ˜‰


014 015

As you can see, Ohio near the West Virginia border is beginning to show some green. Oh what a relief after all that snow and thebrown

We started out this morning a little late, and made it to Wheeling, West Virginia in time for a late lunch at Coleman’s Fish Market, an awesomely local sort of place that was very confusing to order from but totally worth it. Wheeling was a fascinating place full of history and character, and we wished we had more time to explore it. Here is a picture of a suspension bridge there, completed in 1849.026

And here are some other buildings and whatnot in Wheeling:016





That church spire competition was pretty funny. I think the Lutheran Church on the right won πŸ˜‰

And then on to Penn’s Sylvania. A sylvania is a forested area, and it has a sort of pretty, utopian air to it, which is exactly how Pennsylvania is. At least a lot of it. . .I’ll just have to make another post about it!


6 thoughts on “Ohio, Wheeling West Virginia, and Pretty Pretty Pennsylvania

  1. What an interesting town! I’m glad you guys are doing well. Just to let you know, I’m thinking about getting the carpet steam cleaned, especially around the piano area. πŸ™‚

  2. The first future pastor I was liaison to is now pastor in Wheeling West va. There are three PCUSA churches there. I have forgotten her church’s name. Loved the pictures. Are you in Maryland now?

  3. Oh how I love red doors! It seems odd to have one lone small door knob for two magnificent doors. I can only imagine the glory days of the 1849 suspension bridge. No street lights and only the gentle clogging of horse’s hooves as they crossed. Such a difference now. I really l am enjoying these pics & posts!

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