Lovely Swedish Ancestors

Well, I certainly can’t lay claim to either of these folks as my relatives (although there are plenty of lovely people in my family), but I wanted to post these photos-of-photos of my husband’s great-grandparents. I took them in Minnesota, but this handsome couple was not from that area.

They were both from Sweden, but married in America and settled in San Francisco. He was a tailor who would run down to the beach every morning and go for a swim, and she was. . .really good looking. I don’t know much about her besides that. I do know that they tried farming as part of a much earlier “back to the land” movement, and it failed and they ended up in Sacramento instead. We have their scythe and some odds and ends of hardware from their farm in our trailer.



This is Spencer looking at his boyhood home in tiny Middletown, Indiana. We stopped in spur of the moment and let the girls play in the park there, briefly saying hi to some old friends of his who run the local newspaper and (very awesomely) have made an old masonic temple into their home. The third floor ballroom is their workshop, the second floor their home (with an amazing library/living/kitchen/dining loft area right out of a design magazine), and the ground floor is the newspaper and a photogrpahy studio. Homeschoolers–what can I say đŸ˜‰

Anyway, more photos of Indiana later. Doesn’t Spencer skew Swedish? I wish I had a pic of him without he glasses, he’s a ringer for his great granddaddy. . .


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