On our way again

No pics yet, I had the camera packed away in Wisconsin and got it out just in time for some very boring corn/soy farm landscape in Illinois today. The snow is mostly melted off here, revealing a bunch of empty, flat, brown fields and lonely farm houses. If more small farmers bought places around here, or agriculture changed for the better, wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a landscape that was formerly mono cropped and incredibly boring take on new life and diversity? One day!

We are staying in the Champaign-Urbana area tonight. Very, very tired; Adele was up with a cough last night, although the cat was miraculously calm all night. Maybe she only feels it’s worth it to be crazy and tear across the beds if it will wake people up. No fun if we’re already awake.

Good night! Or, as we sometimes say around here, Nos Da!

p.s. Look for pics tomorrow evening!

p.p.s. Super 8. All I can say is Super 8. It feels like home where ever you go–that is, if home has cardboard sheets, a moldy bathroom, and mildly damp carpeting. Or smells overwhelmingly like a large man’s armpit. Or has strange patches on the wall. Or a part of the ceiling over the shower that is starting to cave in. And costs like $80 a night (The 8 is for $80 guaranteed, no matter how cheap it sounded at first). Ah, home! I mean, ah Super 8!


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