Important Information for Californians in Minnesota: What is a “Fleet Farm”?

This is a Fleet Farm. You cannot tell from this cramped view, but the store is really quite enormous. Huge. Bigger than Target. Bigger than Super Walmart (ah, Walmart, my nemesis–the store with no road maps). And they sell things like muck boots, Carhartt coveralls, small tractors, hunting blinds, as well as ugly jeans and ugly shirts and everything else you could find in said superstores. They carry magazines at the checkout with titles like “Rifle Journal” and “Cowboys and Indians”. And I saw at least one genuine farmer there today (he was at the goat farm yesterday). You know what? It’s actually way more fun than those maze-like Ikeas we used to occasionally browse just for fun (and to pick up a 99 cent dishrack, or something else pretty but bound to break in a month). Maybe not as aesthetically pleasing. . .but hey, the boots I bought today for mud season were made in the USA. So there Ikea!
And this is a bald eagle sitting in a dead tree in the Fleet Farm parking lot:
My zoom didn’t zoom very well here, but it looked much bigger in real life. The eagle was made in the USA too. Minnesota seems to be very patriotic.
This is some of the 4 or so inches of snow that fell on us this morning. Very soft, but under it on the driveway was a thick, solid slab of ice kind of like a quarter mile long ice rink. Spencer and his dad spent part of the day making sure some of it was clear enough that we will be able to pull our trailer out on Saturday morning. They seemed to have success, so we are still on target for our departure. (For all you Californians out there: driving on the ice actually seems pretty fun. Ok, riding in the truck on the ice while Spencer drives seems pretty fun. Kind of like being in a boat. As long as you are generally pointed in the right direction and moving forward on purpose, and not headed for a tree or someone else’s vehicle, everything is great).
Advice from Chub: if there is an uncomfortable amount of snow clinging to your gloves, the simplest solution is to chew it off. But please make sure to spit it out again because this is, of course, “icky [s]NOW!”


4 thoughts on “Important Information for Californians in Minnesota: What is a “Fleet Farm”?

  1. This is important information for some Michiganders as well. I am not familiar with Fleet Farm, although there may be one in our area. Tractor’s Supply is the Michigan (and perhaps others) supplies. I love Chub’s advice, although I personally enjoy eating fresh fallen snow. 🙂

  2. I want to visit the farm store. You get to have all the fun. I was at Tractor Supply today but the Fleet Farm store sounds a lot bigger. They had baby chicks at the Tractor Supply today, but I won’t buy from them because I only need three and they require a purchase of at least six. Hope you all got off okay today. I’m going to try and talk Gunther into going into farming and we can do a joint venture. Gunther thinks I’m crazy.

    • You’re getting more chicks? I can’t remember how old your other chickens were. Are you getting more or just replacing your old hens? How fun. I can’t wait to get to Maryland and be around chickens again. Let me know how your farming venture goes 😉

  3. My chickens are two years old so I’m buying replacements. A friend brought by some egg cartons yesterday. Wesley figured out it would take 240 eggs to fill them all. That will be the day!

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