Cabin Fever. . .

It’s warming up a bit here, and I am anxious to get to work on something. If there was wood to split and stack, compost to turn, manure to spread, anything that could be done outdoors purposefully and might leave one with a sense of satisfaction and restful sleep–particularly work that we could all do together–I would be so relieved.

The girls and their cousins have been drawing when they get bored but don’t want to be outside. Here are some pictures by Colin, 7: a forest, a stump with woodpecker holes, a tree tapped for sap, and a birthday cake. He seems to express himself really well through drawing, with a proclivity towards trees that may be related to his dad’s work with Asplundh Tree Expert Co.

016 017 019 020

I thought I had some of the girl’s drawings on here, but it appears not. I’ll have to upload them later. Here is the view this morning:
And the cat’s view (from an illegal perch…)
And a view of Spencer’s new glasses. They arrived just in time because the soldered spot on his old pair broke again the day before. And if you are wondering about Chub, this pic is a few days old now and she is looking much better. But you should really see the other guy! (Actually the other guy was a flashlight).


3 thoughts on “Cabin Fever. . .

  1. I love doing art with children. They see things from a true and simplistic view. Art is a big part of my Mondays (and only days) with my own two grand children: Adelaide (4 years in January) and Colton (soon to be 2 years in April.) Love Spencer’s new glasses. Thank you for the inside pic of the house and view over the lake. It is just as I dreamed it would be. We had planned a visit this past summer but a death in the family postponed the visit until summer 2013, God willing.

    I have always preferred written correspondences. I am so enjoying getting to know you via your written posts. 🙂

    • Debbie,
      I’m glad you like my blog. And that is exciting that you might visit in the summer–I know Carol would love to see you. It’s really lovely here. We would love to see you guys sometime too–I’m sure we will one day 🙂

  2. Awe, give the girls hugs for me. I miss you guys. You could be turning the compost for me here! 🙂
    I keep looking at it thinking I need to tackle it.
    Your sweet peas bloomed a pretty red, I’ll send you a photo!

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