Snow and Angry Children in Withrow, Minnesota

Here are some photos. The title says it all. Mol was upset because she “got snow on the icicle”, which is a serious risk, I guess. Chub was upset because as I was taking the photos I realized she was eating an icicle off the truck and told her to spit it out. Everyone survived.

We visited South Shore Trinity Lutheran Church  in White Bear Lake for a Lent service this afternoon. We were warmly welcomed and made to feel at home instantly, just like the first time we went to Trinity Lutheran Church in Sacramento. The familiar hymns and order of service were reassuring for folks that are surrounded by change. We will be back again for Sunday and Lent services, and I plan on attending the “Mom’s Bible Study” on Monday morning. I really hope Conowingo, Maryland has a Missouri Synod church.

The greyish photos are from yesterday and the sunny ones are from today:


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4 thoughts on “Snow and Angry Children in Withrow, Minnesota

  1. My boys can’t understand the sad faces on your girls with all that snow around them. We are all jealous. What is the deal with Lutheran churches named Trinity? Our Lutheran church is a Trinity also. Thanks for posting all the pictures, it is good to see some of your girls and all the snow is so beautiful.

  2. Hi Melissa! I just recently heard about your blog and I have to say that your words and also your desires for a simpler and more self-sustaining life resonate so strongly with me. John and I have lived in DC for about 4 months now and while I like my job, I know the city isn’t for me. In fact I spend most of my days grumpily walking to and from work as I survey the endless sea of concrete and hypocrisy. Anyways, the point of all of this is to say that you and Spencer are an inspiration to us. You give us hope that we too can someday break off the grid. But in the meantime I will continue scanning through, The Encyclopedia of Country Living (an excellent resource), and daydream while on the metro…

    • Hi Lisa!
      Thanks for the comment. I do enjoy some cities (NYC and SF come to mind), but it is always a relief to come into the country. Feels more like home. Good luck–and if you want another book to drool over, try reading The Contrary Farmer by Gene Logsdon. When we read it it gelled our desire to try farming.

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