Down with the Flu and a Foot of Snow

I got the stomach flu last night and ended up sleeping in the bathroom. Not my favorite place to sleep, but it was kind of cozy. the cat came and visited me off and on. After a long nap and some coconut water ta-dah!–I’m well again.

We are going to tour Poplar Hill Dairy Goat Farm on Tuesday with Spencer’s family. It was recommend to us by Chiara Dowell of Little Flower Farm as a place to purchase high quality dairy goats. Back in California we were accustomed to Meyenberg goat milk, which has a slight, distinct goat flavor to it. I love it for drinking, but in certain baked goods and soups I could taste the goatiness and didn’t like the way it changed the flavors. Poplar Hill’s goats milk, which we just bought at the River Market in Stillwater, is different. It tastes like sweet, creamy milk–no goat flavor at all. I used it in a soup and it was just like using cow’s milk. When we purchase our own goats for milk (and cheese! And manure! And occasional meat sales!) I would love to have some from Poplar Hill Farm.

I will post pictures tomorrow–the flu kind of wiped me out today and I didn’t take any. But it’s a winter wonderland out there so keep your eyes out for some photos coming soon. The snow is soft like sifted cake flour, and the block heater on our truck is making icicles all over it; kind of a Dodge Ram snow fantasia. . .and the little dibbuns are running around and falling in the snow like old hands, ready to get up and brush off instead off screaming in terror at the cold.

Yours sincerely, sleeping in my Carhartt coat:



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