Minnie Apple Iss.

We made it to Minneapolis, after 2 extra hours of chocolate candy-fueled driving. The girls were champs. Chocolate covered champs. The Super 8 here is by far the nicest we have stayed in so far, but unlike every other Super 8 known to man, it doesn’t allow pets–just to warn any pet owners reading this. Hmmm.

Quick notes:

Lawler’s in Baker, Montana may be a rather girly store, but men of Montana, there is chocolate cake in there that could bring a grown man to his knees. And cheesecake, and coffee. And gifts your little wifey would like if she is a the girly sort.

The Palm Garden Cafe and Chocolate Shoppe, in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Delicious sweet potato fries, and a pretty tasty lunch menu of  hot and cold sandwiches and salads, and cheap, tasty chocolate candy. Dinner menu sounded great but we had to keep moving. It was another much-needed treat for tired and cold gypsy types.

And the Natural Abundance Food Co-op in Aberdeen, SD, was pretty dandy. As a spoiled Californian, I am usually very disappointed by Natural Foods stores in other states (besides snobby old New York City), particularly the veggie and fruit selections, which are normally minimal, and often come from Cali anyway, and then the prices, which are typically very high. This one is no better as far as fruit and veggies and some prices go, although I have a feeling they have a lot more produce in the summer. BUT, they are worth a visit  if for no other reason than the $3.00 a dozen green and brown farm-fresh eggs. In Whole Foods, you would pay $7-$8 for a dozen of those ($3+ for white or brown eggs from “cage free” farms) , and they wouldn’t be able to speak glowingly of the egg farmer like the ladies at Natural Abundance did, since they probably wouldn’t know her personally. And they sell Bubbie’s Saurkraut. Who can resist such yumminess?

The great thing about the cold out here is that we don’t really need to put ice in our cooler at all. It rides in the back of the truck and stays very refrigerated  In fact, we bring it in to the motel every night so it wont all freeze solid. Handy! The not so great part is that my head froze solid after walking only six blocks to lunch in South Dakota, and that was sort of painful. Everyone else just had cold ears. I guess my sinuses are kind of wimpy, darn them. I will be wearing hats with ear flaps more than I did in CA. Which was never.

Alright, tomorrow we are going to try our best to make it to an LCMS church, and then we will head on over to the Parents-In-Law’s House, and do some trailer finagling in their snowy quarter-mile-long driveway. Time for sleep.

Here are some pictures of South Dakota in the winter. About 70 miles north of De Smet, for all you Little House on the Prairie fans out there. . . I heard someone sing, “The plains are as plain as dirt, but they’re beautiful in a way that makes you hurt”. Kind of makes sense actually, but the photos don’t capture it.

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