Bozeman, Billings and A Bum Camera

For some reason our camera is trying to upload every single picture in its memory onto the computer, and since over 1000 of them are already on here, we don’t really want to do that. We aren’t  sure what changed overnight. Silly technology. Spencer is going to mess with it and try to get get it working right, but for tonight I will have be pictureless.


Bozeman, Montana for lunch with some old friends of my husband, and a landing at the usual (Super 8–I am so tired I just spelled that Spuper 8. Thank goodness for spell check) in Billings, Montana. They have a food co-op. I may visit it tomorrow. . .And then onward to Highway 12, and the Dakotas.

Pics (hopefully) tomorrow. Sleep now.

Good night.

p.s. Here is a picture of Utah on the way to Idaho from SLC. Because this just looks too boring without something.


p.p.s. I saw 4 bald eagles. And a bald eagle nest. It was the size of a washing machine.



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