Stuck Somewhere Between Here and There–but dinner was good.

As we move Eastward on I-80 it gets colder and colder. In fact it’s so damn cold they shut down I-80 between Laramie and Cheyenne Wyoming. . . So we are going to ask some truckers for advice tomorrow, and then possibly go up through Idaho and Montana instead.
Long day. We had fun in the snow just past the Salt Flats, but Mol was a handful all morning, and I am ready to hit the hay. Here are some photos. Note the cat–she seems to be enjoying the drive more than anyone else. What a jerk. Rolling around luxuriously on a sheepskin rug while our butts get flatter and flatter. (But seriously, she is a great traveler–who would have thought?).






P.S. If you are ever stuck at the Super 8 near the Salt Lake City airport, and in need of some grub, check out this place, Robert’s Restaurant. Yummy and cheap are always a good combo, and I am a food snob, so you can take my word for it (recommendations: the lasagna or the french dip sandwich). Nice end to a cold day.


2 thoughts on “Stuck Somewhere Between Here and There–but dinner was good.

    • Glad to hear grandpa is feeling better! That last shot is to show what the mountains are like here–unlike in CA, they rise up without many foothills, sometimes none at all. It seemed like the mountain began where the gas station ended.

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