Good Old Winnemucca

Some places are comfortingly familiar without being familiarly comfortable. That’s about how we feel when it comes to Winnemuca, Nevada. We’ve stayed here four times now–three times in our vehicle of choice (vanagon, vintage travel trailer) parked on the street near the Calvary Chapel (and the teeny tiny red light district), and now once in a “cheap” motel. Not as cheap as parking near the red light district. . .

But it is awfully luxurious. In fact our room, along with some outdated furniture and a very large and heavy looking television, is also outfitted with our own fluffy and contented feline. Nothing says home like a cat sleeping on your feet.
018Actually Winnemucca is a pretty fun little town. It has a very real Wild West feel to it, and the people we’ve encountered here have been nice. There was little breakfast and lunch place on the main street  (down by that Calvary chapel and brothel and a gas station?) and we might look for it tomorrow. If I had a day to spend here I would bring a camera and expect to get some good shots. Little towns are full of interesting and sometimes shocking things, if you have the time to look.

Mol and Chub are fast asleep, which means I should be too. Tomorrow: Salt Lake City and beyond. . .


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