The Gypsy Ark Parade


013001There is so much to do these days that I will not be posting much until we are on the road. We plan on staying at Motel 8 across the whole country (luxury is top priority for us, you may have noticed), because they allow pets and are relatively cheap–and they usually have wi-fi, hopefully allowing me to post a short blog update each evening.

The massive trailer above is now full of our goods–Six wooden chairs, four wooden children’s chairs, one large bookcase and cabinet, a couple little tables, and a load of miscellaneous crap. Ok, not really crap; mostly it’s books and clothes and art, and a few boxes of kitchen things. Nothing worth stealing, so hopefully no one will try to steal any of it. Some of it has been across the country and back before (what an exciting life for a 100-year old kitchen chair!). It fills the bed two-thirds full, packed low–the last third is for things we are bringing to Spencer’s parents from a house they are selling here.

There are tarps under and over and plastic bags and all the usual feeble water-proofing attempts.

This is so nerve-wracking–the loading of everything into something you built, the setting of it into God’s hands because there is not much else to do, and the faint hope that your favorite piece of ceramic art and your daughters’ rocking horse all survive the covered wagon ride across the country.

If we were pioneers, we would be very strange indeed. Having known the promise of the Golden West our whole lives, we leave it for the East and the Old World as often as migratory birds head south. Certainly, like migratory creatures, we will return to visit. And there will be the missing of our stationary relatives and friends, those who have not devolved to flitting about the country like birds; maybe we will be lured back one day for good. Who can really tell?

All that we know is that we are headed for adventure. And Conowingo, Maryland.



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