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Internship! Maryland! What?

Well, we wont be building our small house this year. After some prayer and serious thought, we decided to apply for an internship on a small pasture based farm in Maryland. We are very excited–we had talked about applying with the farmers last year, but ultimately decided that it was too soon to move cross-country again. This time, we realized we are perfectly set up for it. Our house “foundation” will work great for moving our things out there, and hopefully after the internship we can put it to its original purpose–although, you absolutely never know what the Lord has in store. He isn’t a tame god, dammit; He is a God who has His own plans.

A lot of our things will go into storage out there, since living space will be somewhat limited. But since we are in the process of selling off our least favorite and least useful things anyway, we will hopefully be able to use a smaller and cheaper storage unit in Maryland.

Our trip out will include a stop in Minnesota, but it is a bit of a shake up to suddenly be headed for Maryland instead. Mol is excited because the farm has rabbits, and Chub hasn’t said much about it yet. I am pretty excited myself, although the long drive is daunting. We will be travelling with a cat this time instead of a dog–should be pretty interesting 😉

Away we go again. . .



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