Oh, Before I Forget

Story (pre-stomach flu):

Where: American Bike Trail, Sacramento, CA.

What: Spencer riding bike to work.

When: 4:50 AM, as usual. Active time for wildlife.

R.S.V.P. : if you are a small kamikaze skunk.

Needless to say he stunk at work, but it was mostly the bike that got sprayed, and he always has a change of clothes to put on when he gets there. Unfortunately the bike does not wear clothes that can be changed, and still stinks to high heaven–as do his shoes. Our cat seems to find the smell enticing and once she figured out it was coming from the shoes in the backyard, she spent a good deal of time rolling happily all over them, before getting comfortable and sitting on them for a while. Eau De Skunk? I thought only dogs did things like that.800px-Striped_Skunk

Moral of the story: the skunk that runs suddenly under your tires while you are bicycling along haplessly can, and will, spray you as it is under your bike, and will probably continue to do so as you ride away very quickly. Then it will run away into the bushes feeling sore but satisfied, and you will make Whole Foods Market smell like the inside of someone’s moldy shoe.


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