Goodbye Little Trailer, Hellooo Big Trailer.

Goodbye Little Trailer, Hellooo Big Trailer.

We sold our little trailer. It happened faster than we expected–apparently a vintage trailer in as good condition as ours was is pretty desirable. It made for an awkward and unexpected first night in the house with my family, but everything worked out and today our Big Trailer (the future foundation for our not-so-tiny house) was delivered, and sits, monumental and rather imposing, in the driveway. Actually, the size is perfect. 28 feet long by 8 feet wide, triple axle, and we will extend the house to sit 10 feet wide on it for more floor space. It is just big enough that I can imagine living in a home on it, and just small enough that the prospect of building the home isn’t horrifying. Most likely, if I really fathomed how much work will go into building a house, even a Fairly Small One, I would run in terror; but I am blissfully ignorant, and that is how it should be. I don’t mean that I don’t understand that it will be an extraordinary challenge, and take months to complete. I mean that I will not TRULY understand until we are a few months in to the project and I am crying because I broke my thumb with a hammer or stapled my ear to the wall on accident and am exhausted and overwhelmed. For now, I am just really excited about it.


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