Persimmon Tree

Persimmon Tree

Nothing much to report here. Lord willing we are heading out to Minnesota in February (cheery month), to begin farming (we’re going to start small!), building our little home, and spending more time TOGETHER. We’re excited, sad to leave all of my family here in California, and nervous about trying something in earnest that we have only been studying for a year and a half–but mostly we are very excited. Excited to work as a family, excited for green summers, excited to be with Spencer’s family more, and a little excited about the snow. Well, Spencer is, and I am interested in it (snow in theory…) but with a bit more trepidation. Sacramento is not exactly a snowy place, so I have zero snow experience. To make myself feel better about it I am crocheting us all very dense, warm wool scarves for Christmas. . .

Here is a persimmon tree in my parents’ neighbor’s yard. It’s a little past Autumn time, but I thought it was pretty picture.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us!



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