I bet there was a cat in that little Bethlehem stable so long ago. . .

There are cats all over this neighborhood–both strays and house pets and some in between. There is even a bona-fide “cat house” around the corner, and this is where we presume that our feline buddy (or feline pest, depending on your point of view) hails from. Nevertheless, after a “found cat” campaign that introduced us to most of our neighbors for two or three blocks around, and after finding said cat house and smelling¬†said cat house, we could not find a suitable home for the transient fluff ball.

Taking her back to the cat house seemed cruel and besides she would probably just head back to us. So off she went to the vet (no microchip–dangit!), and now we are planning on taking a cat with us to MN. The upside is that she has a sort of soothing, distracting quality for the girls.

Mol has named her Mittens Cookie.



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