Hurricane Sandy In Sacramento

To be honest I don’t really read much news online, and since we don’t watch TV, and our local paper is not my favorite thing in the world, I was sort of oblivious to the hurricane bearing down on the East coast. Spencer mentioned it a couple times, and then when it actually touched down we watched some of the news and read about what was going on. We were aptly shocked by all the devastation happening, much of it in places we had visited last year, and some of it where we had once intended to live (there was a basement in Brooklyn we had thought of occupying; that’s a long story). But we didn’t feel so impacted by the storm until after it had moved inland.

Last night Spence’s brother called to chat. He works for Asplundh Tree Experts in Iowa, and he had been driving for 21 hours straight when we spoke with him (stopping only to fuel up), called out by his company to help clean up the damage in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. He had to drive through the storm with a truck full of equipment, and mentioned passing multiple semi trucks on their sides. His boss estimated he and the other workers called out with him will be on the East Coast at least two weeks, and they warned him it would probably be more like a month. All this is much to the consternation of his wife and two kids, who, along with my brother-in-law, didn’t know he would be leaving until the day he left.

So, please send out your prayers and good thoughts not just to the people affected by Hurricane Sandy directly, but to all the clean up crews headed out–many far from home–to help pick up the pieces.




2 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy In Sacramento

  1. My husband Anthony Whitney and his friend and ground man Frederico Rivas are also from Asplundh in Brighton CO and they are out there also and I would love prayers for them to return safely also. We also didn’t know until last minuet and now it could be a while before we see eachother again.

    Melissa Haun

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