Oreo the Nap Cat

This neighborhood cat thinks the best place to nap is in the sun, with a buddy–preferably a buddy who is already asleep. I couldn’t agree more.

When he isn’t napping with toddlers, we often find him asleep in a large planter, or under our trailer–or, he sneaks into the house (not a wise idea since it’s a no-pets rental) and curls up on one of my parent’s chairs, looking extraordinarily pleased with himself. Until we pick him up and take him out, that is. Another favorite is sneaking into the garage and napping on the cot there, although he occasionally gets shut in for parts of the day. Too bad Spence is very allergic to him; he’s so sweet we might be tempted to take him with us otherwise. The lady across the street feeds him, but he is a left over pet from some former tenant long gone.


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