Not A Kickstarter Project. . .

Home with a cold this weekend–very boring. But it gave me time to research home funding and small house stuff.

Ok, funding our small house is definately not the type of project that is appropriate for Kickstarter. We’ve got that. When we need to fund the building of a small commercial kitchen for our future farm, or make labels for farm products, we’ll check back with the site. Which leaves us with the question–what next? A giant yard sale? When all your worldly goods fit in a 10×10 storage unit and a 14 ft trailer. . .not sure what we would sell.

On the upside, today I found the PERFECT trailer to build a home on, and it’s not too pricey, and it can be picked up from Napa. The Tortoise Shell Home company makes flatbed trailers, 8×28 ft., for those interested in building their own home on wheels. Check out their site if you so desire: http://tortoiseshellhome.com/ and especially check out the wind-powered cabin on wheels. Beautiful idea!

Prayers for wisdom much appreciated.


p.s. Random photo of the university pig farm in Laramie Wyoming. Cold and lovely.


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