Farm Fund–House Fund.

We are currently living in our travel trailer at my parents house to save up money for. . .the Farm Fund. A goal of $15,000 to $20,000 saved by next May is what we are looking for for this part of our farm plan, and this (if it’s God’s will) can be made from Spencer’s pay and our normal tax return (yay for kids and low income?).

But, we are looking in to getting a house of our own, too. Not a big one; just something with a real kitchen, a place to read books by a window, a bathroom with a composting toilet and a little tub for the girls, and comfy beds for all. Actually we are pondering building one of those “tiny houses” on a trailer. Most plans are for 7×18′ foot trailers, but we think a 25 foot trailer would be better for us. That definitely isn’t our only thought as far as housing goes, but it’s our favorite so far.

Whatever happens, we are looking for help saving up to pay for whatever sort of home we end up with, with CASH. Watching multiple family members lose homes because of underwater mortgages and bad money management was a painful lesson, one which we hope not to relive ourselves. We plan to raise an amount close to what we are saving up to start farming. The House Fund goal will be to raise $17,000 to $30,000 for the purchase of a small home of our own, whether it be on wheels or a foundation.

If in the future our farming provides enough cash to save up, we would love to build a moderately larger, very permanent home (still under a 1000 square feet). But for now, if you or anyone you know would like to help us get a little place of our own, please comment or email us for more info on how to donate money, time or ideas. Future posts will offer more info on our House Fund campaign and the Farm Fund progress.




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