Lucky Lucille

That’s what we’ve named our truck. She’s big, she’s a diesel, and she needs a new paint job. Lucky Lucille is in fact too big to drive to work every day in an economically pleasing manner, so Spence will ride at least part of the time, and because she was a little cheaper than we had figured on, I might buy a bike for around-towning with the girls. Being a 3/4 ton long bed, she doesn’t fit particularly well in our urban driveway, but sitting parked beneath the elegant trunks of the tree of heaven out front, I can look out and easily imagine her pulling our home. Now if only some kindly person would donate a classic Airstream to the cause.  .  . actually whatever it is, it needs bunk beds in it. Mol is quite set on that and it seems like a pretty reasonable condition to me.


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