Goodbye Beasty!

So, we sold the Vanagon today. It was weird. It was sad. It was kind of strangely freeing. It felt, to be exact, like the first small step towards ‘something else’. Away from the city, but I’m not really sure where. I would be very happy to be on the road again but a big part of me wants to settle down somewhere soon at least semi-permanently. We’ve moved almost every year for the past six years–If I count the times I moved right before I got married that’s eight moves in seven years for me.

I’ve travelled a bit in those years too–at least one month out of each year, which is pretty dandy if you ask me. Been to New Orleans, New York City, Upstate New York, New Jersey, San Antonio Texas, Chicago, Michigan’s Upper and Lower Penninsulae, a little of Canada (long enough to see two moose), small town Georgia, and once almost went to Mexico on accident. The best places I’ve seen were Ohio and Pennsylvania, but Wyoming was sort of haunting and Iowa was very green. California up and down has a million good things to be said for it–besides the cost of living and all that agribusiness going on in the valley here. It contains both the ugliest place  I have ever seen and the most beautiful. I’ve been all over my state and there are still so many things I haven’t seen yet. We have a love-hate relationship for sure. Is this where I will make a farm? Not sure.

Opportunities in Iowa are appealing. But the next little step is buying a tough vehicle of some sort. We’re thinking a diesel truck.  After that’s decided, I guess we’ll figure out Iowa.


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