Eggs! It’s February in California and Spring is in the air!

It’s the second week of february and our hens are finally laying. Right now we have a full carton of pretty little brown and green eggs. The green ones are actually quite a bit bigger than the brown ones, but they have paler yolks. The brown eggs have yolks so deeply colored that they are almost orange (maybe the brown laying birds are eating more of the greens we leave out?). And they are delicious! I’ve eaten them fried, and baked with them, and thus far they are awsome looking and tasting. This morning I baked with the last store bought egg in our fridge, and when I broke it into the bowl and saw that my chickens’ eggs were much brighter and the yolks stood up better–it was a nice feeling indeed.

Aaaaand, it finally feels like the world isn’t going to dry up forever. Thank God for some rain!

The very first egg layed by a chicken in downtown Sacramento, CA, since who knows when:


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