P.S. –kuri squash beats up on butternut.

I must, before retiring for the night, mention this amazing discovery: Kuri squash, which is one of the varieties of squash that keep improving in flavor for about six months after you pick them (thus making handy winter staples), are CRAZY. Unlike butternuts or pumpkins, the skin is really, honest-to-gosh edible. And the flavor and texture are an exact cross between a squash (think butternut or pumpkin again), and chestnuts! It’s one sexy tasting squash. And it’s quite pretty too–a stunningly bold orange that makes the prettiest soups. You can find them at the Sacramento Foods Co-op, Whole Foods on Arden Blvd., and the sunday farmer’s market under the freeway. Go. Get one.
and…Good night.


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