Pictures of Pullets and My Bed

Grow little plants! Grow little chickens! You’ve all been a bloody lot of work without a car–to buy your food and pick you up as seeds from the nursery; to try to get some sun on you when the house is blocking most of it. And then finding out my stroller isn’t allowed on the lightrail (only the kind that fold up). But lightrail is too expensive anyways. . .um, I digress. Anyways, as I was saying, a lot of work for someone living in a downtown area without a car to make it work. Yet simultaniously, lovely and invigorating and refreshing. I think growing things in their correct place are always quite amazing because they remind us of resurrection. The soul of the atheist must  exalt in them as well, though he might attribute the emotions to a chemical reaction bred into us at the sight of nutritious fecundity.  Which is, when you come down to it, totally unproveable. Most things are of course, but I prefer the more reasonable of the unproveable theories. I digress again. Aren’t the chickens handsome? 


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