40 acres and a yurt. . .Ok, make that 10 acres and a yurt.

I wish I could have 10 acres and a yurt. Not the tent kind, this kind. Part of the 10 acres I would plant as a wood lot with different kinds of native trees and shrubs and one (!) eucalyptus for raku firing. I guess the eucalyptus presupposes my 10 acres are in the Sacramento area, but I don’t really presuppose that. It’s very dry here most of the year, and I don’t really like that.

Anyhoo, there would be a second smaller yurt with studio space for Spencer and me. Room for him to dance in the cold weather and a table and wheel for me and my clay. In the summer we would have a large outdoor dance space for him as well. Besides that there would be the chicken coop, the pig sty, and maybe a goat barn for a few dairy goats. Somewhere there would also be a kiln space for me and an outdoor oven for the summer. We would supply our own power to run the place with wood, wind and solar panels, and have a humungous garden, fruit trees, berry bushes and a couple acres of cereal crops that we could deal with by hand and rotate as grazing etc.

Oh, and once we had settled down a bit we would build a third yurt as a guest house/bed and breakfast and cater especially to modern dance groups as a place to rest up and get creative. . .

Don’t I have a great imagination? Now, I must put it to real use and finish some art.


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