It’s Not Easy Being “Green”

Some people go green out of guilt. Some people go green because they were already prime hippy stock to begin with and something tipped them over the edge. Some people do it out of a religious sense of duty to care for creation and other humans. Some people go green because their Vanagon blew up in South Carolina and they can’t afford to buy another car. We count those last two options as our main impetus for living the verdant lifestyle, so to speak. As far as a vehicle goes, it would be damn handy to have one sometimes, but we are getting by with a little help here and there.

Besides having no car our green-ness now includes:
Raising hens in our spare room for eggs (they will be heading out to their coop in a couple weeks here).
Making entire said coop, and wood frame for pen, out of free scrap lumber found in the alleys and dumpsters of downtown and midtown Sacramento.
Using a laundry line instead of a dryer.
Attempting to grow veggies in a raised bed we made with more free wood and lovely dirt donated to us by a friend from church. I say attempting because as the season wears on the sun has bypassed our bed entirely and I’m not sure that anything will grow there until spring. But I have a plan involving mirrors and sheer desperation!
Recycling buckets from Spencer’s job for holding compost, old #10 cans for chicken feeders, and old wooden broom handles for curtain rods. That last item does NOT look as wretched as it sounds!
Did I mention not driving a car? That puts us ahead of pretty much all the competition around here–not speed wise, you know, just enviromentally friendly-wise. It’s also fairly exhausting. But if anyone in my family was wondering why we took so long to find an apartment (in this case a cottage) that we could afford (barely) in the downtown/midtown area instead of getting something much, much cheaper in the suburbs, this is why. As it is, there are two grocery stores within a mile of us, an awesome park two blocks away, a bagillion great resteraunts within blocks of us, a yarn store so I can crochet my own potholders (which will not melt onto hot surfaces because they are 100% cotton!), a multitude of art galleries and art events, our church, and even a dance studio and theaters for Spence. The location makes the price worth it when you mostly use your own two legs to get around.

And eventually we will be part of the vehicular majority again, whether by getting that damn blue piece of shit shipped out here and properly fixed, or by saving up for something else. And eventually maybe we will find a cheap little place out of the city proper with some real space for a garden and chickens and an effluence digester. . .


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