Weird. Good. Strange. Ugh. Did we ever really leave?

Back on the west coast, things are eerily the same. After spending a day in the air and all our money to get back here, it seems as if we were never really gone. But now that we are back, 2 months and 5000 miles wiser, we have noted a few things:

1) Being without our own home, or a job, is overwhelming in good and bad ways. All the possiblities–none of the possibilities! But being homeless with lots of family to take care of you is definately better than being homeless on that other coast.

2) The Beast was home. We miss our blue Vanagon and hope for her quick and full recovery. Back in South Carolina she is getting a new new engine. I wont even go into what went wrong, just that the engine company apparently made a huge flub. Engines need oil. Even I know that. When the Beast’s motor blew up she had gone 5000 miles without much of that important lubricant, and not because we were negligent. Alas.

3) The reason California is an expensive place to live is this: it is far better and more beautiful than any other state, geographically and biologically and scenically (is this a word? It should be). Until they manage to coat her in a foul putrid crust of suburban sprawl, which they are trying to do at an alarming rate, she will always be the loveliest place in America. Besides portions of Northern Pennsylvania, maybe. That’s my shpiel, now that I’ve seen most of this country with my own two eyes from the train or the vanagon. California is Queen.

4) Why have we never heard of Peter Fox before? Our Germanic relatives in Georgia introduced us to him. Awesomeness. And yes, the name of this song is just what it sounds like, “all is new”.


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