Where do we start…where do we end?

There is so much ground to cover between the last post and where we are now, both literally and figuritively. I think last time I posted we were relaxing in Michigan for a few days before the last stretch of the journey to New York City. So much has happened since then it would be crazy to try to recount it all, but I will give brief outline of each state we passed through, and a little synopsis of what happened in New York City. . .and why we are currently in Toccoa, Georgia.

Let’s start with Ohio, which we passed through with as much hurry as is safely possible in a 1982 diesel Vanagon. A sense of urgency was beginning to pervade the generally cheerful atmosphere of the travelling Beast. We didn’t take many pics worth showing in Ohio–we were really in a hurry.

We slept in the parking lot of a Evangelical Lutheran Church with one of those classic metal playgrounds with a merry-go-round and a long, steep metal slide. Mol loved playing on it that evening, but she got mesquitoed. Poor kid apparently inherited my delicious-tasting blood. From what I can tell I am something of a mesquito delicacy, and I’m pretty sure they send out a little news flash whenever I go outside to alert any especially hungry insects, “The Tasty One cometh!” But Mol survived, and since I stayed in the vanagon all evening with the screens up, I was only bitten like six or seven times.


On to Pennsylvania, which was much more interesting. . .


One thought on “Where do we start…where do we end?

  1. Thank you for the update! I *have* been wondering how it was all getting on and why you are now in Georgia. I can hardly wait to read the rest of the story. BTW: my Sunday School group has been praying for you – especially for your search for a new home. Love you and miss you all!!!

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