Virginia is for lovers–just like Ohio.

Isn’t that Ohio’s slogan? I joked about it for Nevada, but Virginia had billboards announcing it like it was their slogan first. Does anyone know? What state is really for lovers?!! What’s with all these states wanting to attract amorous unmarried folk? Well, make that just plain amorous folk. The best lovers are married ones. Gives you a safe situation to improve your skills and whatnot. Ok, that was too much information. Onto other things… 



Let me backtrack to Pennsylvania for a moment–Gettysburg! Strange and pretty in the evening light, I just couldn’t imagine thousands of dead and dying men spread across the peaceful green fields unfolded before me.

But there are houses there all over the place that were used as hospitals after and during the battle, and monuments, and all sorts of things to remind you that this was an important place during the Civil War.

We slept in the van near or on a cavalry battlefield, but no ghosts disturbed our heat-troubled sleep. In the morning we headed for Fredericksburg, VA, to meet my grandmother, who was flying in for some meetings with people from a magazine she writes for (Theology Matters).


We hung out in the Rappahannock River half the day waiting for her plane to get in and trying to stay cool. The water was dirty and lukewarm, but it helped immensely.









From Virginia we moved on down through a sliver of Maryland, and into North Carolina and finally South Carolina. Where our engine blew up a mile outside of Blacksburg. . .


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