That’s right, I said OUR ENGINE BLEW UP.

Ok, ok. It didn’t literally blow up. But it did suddenly begin smoking and I guess the diagnosis is that it threw a piston bearing. I’m not sure what that is, but I do know it smelled like hell and IS NOT COOL. Luckily we were only about 2 1/2 hours from my aunt and uncle’s house in Georgia, and after a very sweaty night sleeping in the van at a mechanics, and a very sweaty day spent in the mechanics dirty, dirty office, they were able to find a vehicle with a tow hitch and rescue us and out trailer-o-crap. Triple A does not cover towing for your trailer. Just the vehicle. Soooo. . .

Now we are in Georgia, and our van is in South Carolina nearby, in a shop, getting fixed (under warranty. Dang month-old engine.) And we still couldn’t find any apartments in New York via the web. Too expensive. So we are coming back to California once the van is fixed, or maybe even before that. For now it’s just nice to be with family; safe, showered, cool and relaxed.







Not to say we wont try again. It was, one must admit, a bold venture, and we learned quite a bit about ourselves and our country. But, our financial situation must be a bit thicker before New York City is an option for us. Now we know I guess!

The Pacific is way awesomer anyways šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “That’s right, I said OUR ENGINE BLEW UP.

  1. I read this with great sadness! NY is the goal! I know you and Spencer can talk your way into a cheap flat in Brooklyn. No one advertises CHEAP FLATS ON THE WEB!
    Carry on
    Rollin Geezer

  2. Meanwhile, back at the ranch:
    Spring seems to have finally arrived with temperatures in the mid 80-s for several days now. We still won’t try to predict a cooler summer. Stephen is hosting a BBQ ribs bash at Bradford & Michelles house today. I can just imagine all those cows running around with all their ribs missing! Uncle Mark and Aunt Nita will also be present. Jenny painted the bathroom in my shop and also one of the walls in my workspace. Within the week I will finally have it all spruced up. Uncle Mark has helped me rearrange all my workspace for greater efficiency. I am doing a good amount of work these days. I finally got a new bicycle but haven’t tried to ride yet to Davis. Luna and I are getting along quite well. She keeps me moving and seems to never stop when we are together. Molly’s place at the computer is still waiting and wide open for her! We will be in Colfax by noon today and probably not home until dark tonight. Ethan is also staying with us these days. Life is wonderful!!! Hope to see you all soon. Our arms are wide open to welcome you!

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