Onto the Last Leg

No pictures today. We will be heading out towards New York this afternoon, as soon as we get out of church withthe fam in Tyrone, MI. It’s a good church. When we got married we came out here and had a second reception at the church, and part of the fun was a little book that people could write a word of advice in. A lot of people wrote Bible verses or things like, “husband: love you wife. Wife: respect your husband”. Pastor Jim wrote, “Move to a farm. Have 12 children. Live in Michigan.”
Well, we’re short ten kids, and we’re not moving onto a farm in Michigan–but we have two and we are moving closer to MI respectively. Pray for us that we can find a good, amazingly cheap apt. as soon as we get there!


4 thoughts on “Onto the Last Leg

  1. If you happen to pass through Big Flats NY look up a distant cousin of mine who I never met, Jane Clute King. The Clute name comes from my dad’s Dutrh side of the family history.

  2. Closer and more anxious! I wish I had seen this earlier:

    I would have sung it myself to Adele and Molly!

  3. We’re still here holding you in prayer and love and support to come. In the meantime just before you close your eyes in sleep, relax and enjoy this short bit of poetry. far and away from NYC

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