More Iowa for ya.

 Mol and one of her cousins playing by the stream. Beautiful weather. . .did I mention beautiful weather? Because it was beautiful. We had to grit our teeth to leave everybody and their beautiful frikkin’ weather. It was almost California-springtime-esque.

 Went for a long walk and Mol got to see some horses. They were really lovely horses. A little bay pony, a big chestnut and a big black-bay gelding, and two paints (one of which I was very, very tempted to run away with. We could be so happy in Iowa on the lam. Just the two of us and a lot of grass. Maybe we could even head back to Wyoming and live with those antelope on the plains. She had such a mischeivious face it would have been perfect. . .Um, where was I?. . .).

Ok, ok, auntie Melissa may have been involved in removing this deer carcass from the side of the road. . .some hick had already done away with the skull, but look at all those interesting bones just going to waste in the ditch! And I had a handy sidekick. Aaaaand I was NOT the one who wrenched off that leg to bring home to uncle Wes. . .that would be my husband. Because it really would have been too heavy to take the whole thing home, but the kid needed a memento. ‘Look daddy, auntie Melissa showed me this deer skeleton and we pulled it out of the ditch and then uncle Spencer ripped off this leg so I could show it to you!”  Iowa was nice.  Maybe we will be invited back again, not sure. . .

 By the by, Iowa has some classy rest stops. They have free wifi, public art, and even huge calligraphy nibs in case you are a monsterous giant passing through Iowa and you have lost your pen nib. Look at that nib. You would have to be the size of a skyscraper to use it, but those considerate Iowanites (Iowanners, Iowaites, Iowans?) wouldn’t make you walk all the way through their state without a pen nib to use! They think of everything! What cheer!


One thought on “More Iowa for ya.

  1. it’s Iowans…. & rest areas, it’s awesome that they turn it artsy so it’s not just a boring place but bring some kind of life to it!

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